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Clever People?
"Clever People?" If he said it in a derogatory fashion, he's...skillful or adroit in using the hands or body : nimble <clever fingers> b: mentally quick and resourceful <a clever young lawyer...
what is the difference between clever, smart and intelligent?
Clever may seem like a compliment, but this adjective boasts a rather broad range of ..." or "contrived." The roots of the word clever, are unknown. It was in use colloquially long before it entered...
how to make my child clever?
If by clever, you mean smart, a lot of it depends on genetics, but also a good learning...
How clever are dogs really?
They are very clever. They are not the simple minded creatures...: A dog doesn't have to be trained to be clever. Think about how cleverly your dog can get the pot roast...
Are u clever enough..?
VERY CLEVER THOUGH I SUFFER FROM PARALYSIS BY OVER.... I do feel my thoughts and questions are very clever though.
is ur cat clever?
Cleverer than you'd want: 1. he turns the lights on when we sleep, to wake...
how can i become clever?
One becomes clever through learning, through our shortcomings and through ... cannot like yourself all of a sudden because you got clever. Patience for yourself is the one thing you are ...
are you clever,,smart and faithfull?
clever and smart the same thing? I think they are different, but i'm not entirely... is having knowledge and being able to learn things. Clever is being able to apply this knowledge in the best way possible...
How to know if someone is clever?
You need to define clever. Usually I think of clever people as having a talent that they...time I it was tested it was 145. Am I less clever now with years of experience, understanding and knowledge under my...
cleverer VS more clever, brighter VS more bright.?
Cleverer and brighter are correct because: the rules are (as... that end with: -y (dirty - dirtier - dirtiest) -er (clever - cleverer - cleverest) -le (simple-simpler-simplest...