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what are social classes?
Social classes are levels of a society according to their status, have to belong to one of a few families to be considered upper class, regardless of whether you do or don't have money). As the other answerer ...
Middle Class?
I think you are classifying classes only by income, when in reality some consider the type of employment...that bracket covers the ENTIRE middle class. Lower middle class would therefore be about ...
Best Maplestory Class?
their is NONE. all classes hve their pro's and con's and everybody...wasn't even out yet. played every single character, class, you name it i played it. i suggest you try out...
what is class limit?
class limit is quite a common term used in statisitcs. it is used to define the highest and lowest value in a class ( or different groups made in the data) for example the data of height...
english class?
... to ask a question, and your subject is English Class, then you should consider what you want other citizens of the community to tell you...
Online Classes.....?
1 - treat it as if it were a class you had to physically attend. 2 - be organized - more so than if you... via email to discuss things. If it's the type of on line class where you are signed up as an individual, rather than through a ...
mw2 classes ggggggggggg?
Stealth Class: (IGN's Stealth Class) P... DS: Martyrdom Rush Class: (One of my favorites) P: ...
How does class affect education?
Class is typically derivative of income, and income strongly predicts where you reside. Where you reside strongly...job that pays enough for them to spend evenings at home with the kids (many working class parents have to work two jobs at 60-90 hrs/week). As parents, the now privileged...
Class doesn't just mean belonging to a certain society because money can't even buy class. Class also means you have good manners, good style or good taste and conduct yourself with respect.
what are the percentages of class in america?
* Upper class (1%); Those with great influence, wealth and prestige. Members of this group...private wealth. "Encyclopedia Britannica". * Upper middle class (15%); The upper middle class consists of white collar professionals...