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What does circumstance mean?
1. (noun) circumstance a condition that accompanies or influences some event or activity...circumstances that surround a situation or event "the historical context" 3. (noun) circumstance, condition, consideration information that should be kept in mind when making...
Who controls the matter of circumstance?
circumstance Look up circumstance at early 13c., "...and accompanying an event," from O.Fr. circonstance "circumstance, situation," It would seem that...
essay on Circumstances make a thief, kindness can change a thief?
circumstance.what is circumstance?it is nothing other than our get respect in our society people go for steeling.A man's circumstances may lead him to the temptation of thievery, but he is free to choose to become...
under what circumstances should we send troops to fight on foreign soil?
~Certainly not under circumstances and bogus "justifications" similar to those that led to all the body...
Why is Septic Shock not an extenuating circumstance?
The "Extenuating Circumstance" is the fact that your mother DIED. Septic ...
What constitutes exigent circumstances?
Exigent circumstances is defined as: "An emergency situation requiring...judgement, to 'play it by ear', and later they can claim exigent circumstances.
Is it possible to be happy even under the most agonizingly depressing circumstances?
I am in the same circumstances. It seems like my whole...happy under the most agonizingly depressing circumstances, but what you can do is hang on and get...
Do you think our life circumstances determine our decisions?
I believe that lifes circumstances has a lot to do with our... demonstrate to the rest that circumstances should not change the human heart. For...
Under what circumstances should government force people to act contrary to their religious faith?
1) Under what circumstances should government force people to act contrary to ...complete answer to the question, "Under what circumstances should government force people to act contrary to ...
fafsa.. special circumstance?
... much faster. As for the special circumstances, it depends on what they are. You... depends a lot on how many special circumstance decisions they have to make, how many ...