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Does Energy have charge?
A charged particle is energy, Therefore, the particle doesn...39;ll learn why if you take physics.In short, Charged particles can be used to do work therefore...
Electrostatics: Evidence of Positive and Negative charges?
Electric charge is a characteristic of some subatomic particles. It is... integer or fractional values. Electrons by convention have a charge of −1, while protons have the opposite charge of +1. Quarks have a fractional...
defferentiate changing by induction from charge polarization?
Charging by induction. __ A conductor can be charged by bringing near it...charged body but not in contact with it. The end of the conductor close to the charged body will acquire a charge opposite to that on the charged body. The other...
Define the term formal charge?
"Definition : The charge on an atom in its Lewis structure. Formal charge is... on a neutral atom of the element." - 1. "In chemistry, a formal charge (FC) is a partial charge on an atom in a molecule assigned by...
What exactly is an electric charge?
positive charge is - excess of protons and negative charge is excess of electrons.The charge is static electricity at rest.When the charge moves, usually in a conductor(copper wire), the current indicates the intensity...
How do you charge for rototilling?
If you charge strictly by the square foot, you'll lose money if someone wants you to come...plot of 10' x 20'. You've got to have some kind of minimum charge. There is a break-even amount you need to charge to cover the time...
Ionic Charge?
The charge affects the number of interactions it can have with another...of a different charge. For example: Na has a positive one (+1) charge and it forms one ionic "bond" with Cl which has a negative...
What gives sub-atomic particles their charge?
Electric charge is an intrinsic property of certain particles. The electron ... (up, up, down), which are fundamental. The up quark has a charge of +2/3 and the down quark has a charge of -1/3, for a total charge of +1...
what are induced charges?
... you hold an electrically conductive material (eg metal) near an object that is charged, you will induce a charge in the material. For example, lets say you ...
iPod Charging?
Fully charging the battery takes about 4 hours. You can also fast-charge the battery... iPod will say 'Charged' once it is fully charged.