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Can someone tell me about the carnation?
Carnation or, Dianthus caryophyllus is a species of ...for the last 2,000 years. It is the wild ancestor of the garden carnation. Carnations require well-drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soil, and...
Are Carnations any good for a wedding?
Carnations are beautiful. The only problems I see are that they have a very strong smell...only flower you used. Depending on when your wedding is you could maybe use carnations as your main flower with another bigger flower to add a little "oomph" to your ...
wut r da benefits of Instant Carnation breakfast drink???
About Nestlé Carnation Instant Breakfast ( tea - the new Dark Chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast is a...
Carnations make me think of funerals, they are not a wedding flower. Try hydrangeas or roses. They are not that expensive. If cost... in your bouquet. There are many other choices. You could even go to a grocery store and buy roses and make the bouquets yourself. Carnations would be my last choice.
difference between slim fast and carnation instant breakfast?
Both Carnation Instant Breakfast and Slim... line offers five. Bars Carnation Instant Breakfast makes only...
Where are the seeds located on a carnation?
Carnations (Dianthus Caryophyllus) develop seeds in the capsule directly beneath the petals...and double mix. Flowers are way easier to grow and maintain and look much better than Carnations in home flower beds, and the variety of flowers is endless. The scent of the ...
Green Carnations?
Green carnations would look really nice. They do not look sickly. And they are get fresh flowers close to the color you expect. I don't see a carnation and rose bouquet costing more than 50-75 dollars if the florist...
What's carnation breakfast essentials ?
What is CARNATION® BREAKFAST ESSENTIALS™ ...of calcium per serving. Why did CARNATION® BREAKFAST® change its name to CARNATION...
What is carnation flowers?
... favorite flowers are 'Carnation', not today, yesterday, or tomorrow but forever and many centuries of change, the popularity of the carnation has remained undiminished. The fact...
Do I cut back or remove pinks, carnations after flowering?
Cut the carnation flowers off at the stem, just below the flower. If you live in a moderate...