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Hofstra University campus?
The campus is moderately sized and split into two sections, North... has indoor bridges that connect the two sides of campus so student's don't have to cross the busy roadway. The south side of campus...
living on campus?
Living on campus is better. You get the whole experience that way. On campus...can do a lot more with them, especially spur of the moment. Living off campus, you're out of the loop and miss a lot. - Gain a LOT of independence...
College: living on campus or off?
Living on campus allows you to meet more people, but it can also be very loud (especially...also paying for maintenance and the convenience of living on campus. Most schools require freshman to live on-campus their...
On campus college or online classes?
campus = you're forced to a schedule, you have to attend classes online...tonight, I can always log in later I consider that a plus for on campus campus = talk to the teacher after class or during office hours, attend ...
How is it like Living on campus?
Living on campus for at least part of your time at university is one of the best... am currently at university in Australia and living on campus has been awesome! i have met so many different people, from different ...
Pros and Cons to living on campus?
... numerous advantages to living on campus rather than off or at home. 1) Independence: ... probably the number one factor to live on campus; there will be numerous students on your floor...
Commuter Campus Question?
Commuter campus can be any size but they are generally in highly urban areas. ...near campus either. They commute in, literally. Doesn't mean that on-campus housing isn't offered. It usually is, and there could...
Living on campus or off campus?
ON CAMPUS: PROS - easy to meet people who go to your university - easy to get to... assignment or anything else - fully immersed in student life ON CAMPUS: CONS - little space and privacy [depends on housing though] - may...
Chaminade University Campus?
... of Honolulu shares campus grounds with St Louis High... high school kids are not in any of the campus buildings. About the last responders...
adidas campus 2?
The Campus was originally a basketball shoe that became a hip-hop phenomenon. or in canada: