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Can broadleaf trees be evergreen?
Broadleaf trees can be evergreen. Evergreen only means they don'..., Rhododendrons, live oaks, etc. While the term broadleaf is not really scientific, it usually refers to trees that ...
Broadleaf Weed killer?
... comes in a liquid concentrate form that you can mix and spot spray the broadleaf weeds. Be sure to read the label before you use this product, so you fully...
What is the difference between a conifer tree and a broadleaf tree?
Conifers have only tracheids in the xylem; broadleaf trees have both tracheids and vessels. Conifers form...
what kind of plants/trees live in broadleaf forest? Quercus (oak), Acer (maple), ...
Is a Flax plant a grass or broadleaf?
It is a broadleaf, and produces beautiful small blue flowers. The page I listed as a source has a lot of general information on it, including a diagram.
What is the best Broadleaf weed killer?
I use a shrub and brush killer on my broadleaf weeds. I have found that the normal roundup doesn't do as...
When do you put down broadleaf weed control and grass seed in Region 5?
...more weeds than grass. It's more effective to use a liquid concentrate broadleaf killer, such as Ortho Weed-B-Gon or Spectracide...
what is the difference between temperate broadleaf and temperate deciduous forest?
... that leaves are shed at the end of the growing season. Broadleaf merely refers to the shape of the leaves. A forest can be temperate...
Got bad problem with creeping charlie and a type of broadleaf plant in my lawn. what should i use kill that?
...the lawn.If creeping charlie is in your lawn then use a broadleaf herbicide. Any broadleaf herbicide with 2,4-D will kill creeping charlie...
How does one control rampant dandelions in a yard full of other broadleaf weeds?
...nothing will kill JUST dandelion plants. Herbicides kill either broadleaf weeds or crabgrass. Dandelion is a broadleaf weed and you might...