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Which word is correct: British or Britisher?
BRITISHER- In India, the term 'Britisher' may still be ...
Who were the britishers who distorted Indian History?
'Britishers' is not a word you silly person. There have been some people...
Whether britishers are soft hearted people.?
Britishers will be polite to you even if they don't like you because it's their culture. Don't judge the 'heart' ... take it for what it's worth.
What do americans and britishers think about Indians ?
well for one, its not Britishers, its British, for two, are we discussing native...
Britishers are India's biggest enemy.check out inside the links which provide stats on indias economic history?
Firstly, there is no such word as 'Britishers'. You should use the term 'the British'. When...
what was culture ,architecture and life of britisher in india?
They went into the North, and particularly to Shimla, to avoid the summer heat.
Why do brit people lose their cool when they are called britishers?
Because Britisher isnt a real word, and we know after all we invented the language. Its...
what is the common height of britishers?
...more muscular - koreas are usually a little taller than japanese . Britishers would usually be of the same height and stature and most people in western europe and north...
Britishers, Do you find Code Geass offensive?
Who cares if Code Geass is offensive to Britishers? I've heard that the Britishers have killed ...
Why the Britishers were So cruel and Brutal after Victory of Battle of Delhi in 1857?
What is a Britisher? We made mistakes, its in the past, what has...