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Brand Management?
Brand Management is also a brach of applied Marketing... you have to manage all the functions related to a particular Brand including Communications, strategies, positioning...
why is branding important?
Branding is important because this is how the company associate with customer(prospective... in the market and win a position amongst them. Moreover, branding helps a company to mirror itself out to people with the way they wan ...
Please Give me an apt definition for 'Brand'.?
A brand in a general sense can be defined as ANYTHING (a picture, a name, the market and thus makes your product a significant play in the market. Brands are generally created so as to make "The NAME"...
good backpack brands?
... Equipment – An extremely popular backpack brand with lightweight backpacking enthusiasts, ...or 1.4 lbs. GoLite – This backpack brand has been going more and more mainstream...
Good Brand?
The Allora brand is a good student brand. There are better brands... Super Actions). Try them. The brands that are generally considered quality professional horns are...
Drugstore brands?
I am a drugstore brand girl (I have some high end but prefer drugstore) I would recommend NYX...wild palettes are good too. There are other good drugstore brands but certain brands only are good for one thing instead of multiple, so...
what brands?
Hmm, I'm not sure it's the brand that's "in", but the style and/or color of what you're wearing...
colored laptops???? what brands...?
every brand for the most part has a colored lap top. But you can save some...on a better built laptop. ASUS is about the only laptop brand that can be trustedm, they make all the highend parts for othe rcompanies...
What are brands good for in marketing ?
Branding is essential in Marketing. In fact, global brands ...-Cola is the most valuable breand in the world. Strong branding inspires consumer confidence, and provides consistency among the usage experience...
why benjamin franklin is brand?
... are numerous and his impact indelible. But a branding expert? According to an article from PBS, this title for... laid the foundation for creating a strong brand presence.