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How can I add a border to my favorite queen sized bedspread to make it into a king size?
You certainly can retrofit your queen bedspread into a king size, or as you say, cut apart the queen bedspread... fluffier and has more depth than a bedspread. However, you can do the same with a comforter, but...
Which bedspread is better?
Choose bedspread #2 because even though it's dark, it's a neutral color and you can spice it up... color combo options for pillows, art, etc to go with the black bedspread: -- hot pink and light pink -- aqua and lime green -- red -- royal blue, aqua, and orange...
Where can I find a cute girly bedspread for a 15 year old's new room?
I like JcPenney for bedspreads. Here are some that I ...82321&pcat=BED+++BATH&cat=comforter+++bedspreads&NOffset=0&pcatid=82319&Ne=877+5...
bedspread help please!?
Make one of your own. Find a white bedspread that you like. Get a roll of masking tape, an inch wide if you'...
what paint would compliment this bedspread?
...or contrasting (pinks + blues)? * If you want the bedspread to be the focus, go with white walls and let the pink really stand out. A...
I'm having a hard time finding a bedspread?
There are many places to find bedspreads. When looking for bedding i always turn to Anthropologie...
Do you think it's gross that hotels do not change the bedspreads?
... Western Hotel. The bedspread is for decoration, not for sleeping under or on...what to look for in most cases, and will change the bedspread in that case. But, I do think it's gross...
Should I Use A Wall Decal With My New Bedspread?
I LOVE that bedspread!!!!! It's wonderful. A wall decal would be fun, but not totally necessary...
Bedspread, Comforter OR Duvet Cover?
Bedspread: A usually decorative covering for a bed. Comforter: a quilt... quilt, usually with a washable cover, that may be used in place of a bedspread and top sheet
What goes good with this bedspread?
LOVE the bedspread! Instead of painting your walls off white, try ...