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What is Texas doing about their 25,310 homeless? bathe and sleep, many are able to get their lives together and become self-supporting.
Why don’t the people in starving countries just become nomads and migrate to where the food is?
That's a profound idea
How did the birds become bad in the movie "The Birds"?
I always wanted to see this film!
Will detox pills reduce effectiveness of birth control pills?
No. Not unless they give you bad diarrhea within an hour of taking your birth control.
How much tonnage was Noah's Ark?
...which hogging—the flexing of the hull as waves pass beneath it—become too great. Iron hulls are far less subject to hogging, so...
Is the story of Eve being made from a rib of Adam supposed to be taken literally?
...knowledge has increased more and more of these stories have magically become "parables" and "metaphors". In spite of...
Isn’t it cool that humans and dogs became best friends ?
Yes. Dogs are amazing.
Why does a boyfriend/girlfriend usually becomes your enemy when they turned into your ex?
........Are you serious? Well why are you still obsessed with him after all of his contemptible comments towards you ? Not to mention the girl too......... I don't get it either why you are still infatuated by him...
Do my views make me a bigot?
... a person whose sense-of-self has become tied to their views or opinions... regarding those things, or if you became disturbed anytime you saw evidence that anyone...
Can my marriage become legal again?
That's quite some story. Once you are married, you remain married until you die or divorce. If you remarry without a divorce, you are a bigamist, but that does not negate the legality of your original marriage. So unless one of you got a...