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Laptop batteries?
Laptop batteries, which are now Lithium Ion, are not the same as the...fully discharge the battery before charging it. Lithium Ion batteries actually last longer if you keep them topped off, as fully ...
6volt vs. 9volt batteries..........?
Battery voltage is a function of the chemicals used. That'... it can last under a given job. And that's why 6v lantern batteries are so huge. They have to power energy-hogging devices...
Are batteries...?
Batteries produce direct electric current (DC). But to produce this electricity they use chemical reactions so I'd say the battery itself is a chemical device that creates electric current.
Alkaline batteries?
Any battery that uses and alkaline electrolytic solution is an alkaline battery, almost all... batteries). Some companies advertise their batteries as being rechargeable alkalines, in reality they are usually a...
help me about car battery?
A car battery is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile...and the ignition system of a vehicle’s engine. This also may describe a traction battery used for the main power source of an electric vehicle. Automotive starter...
Best rechargeable AA NI-MH batteries for a digital camera?
... will depend. Generally, NiMH batteries come in two broad classes: regular NiMH... it easier to get the current out of the battery. Many newer cameras have such...
Batteries ?
Even a car battery has an expiration date. They're usually guaranteed for 5... ability to react for various reasons. For a non-rechargeable battery, the chemicals slowly react even when they're not connected to anything...
How have batteries influenced technology?
Batteries have allowed us to store electricity for easy access anywhere. When...quot; such as mp3s and computers. During natural disasters, batteries provide electricity when the utility goes out. Batteries have caused...
Why are lead acid batteries used in cars?
Battery technology can become quite complex. There do the same thing: When designing a battery there are 4 major parameters. 1. ...range is highly dependent upon the energy density of the battery (and ultimately the size of the battery pack) These...
battery question?
The BEST battery is the battery that is perfect for your application. Why buy...