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Chi mi potrebbe dare il riassunto del racconto "il paradiso dei bambini"? circa 10 righe?
se è il paradiso dei bambini di nagib mahfuz ecco Una bambina musulmana confessa ai genitori la sua passione per...
Is Bambini Agency a scam?
If Bambini is to be your agent, they don't get paid until you do, if they ask for $ up front, I would suspect a scam. Oak
Bambini! Ti piace parlare con la tua nonna circa il Calcio?
in Italian does not say bambini, but ragazzi! however, if you understand what you wrote, you said if we speak...
Bambini models??? :)?
they would have been put through by modeling agencies... so get your parents to allow you to model and get professional portfolio...
Does "bella bambini" mean "beautiful children"?
it is incorrect its belli bambini you wrote nice(in feminin) children
Venice? Per bambini?
Venice? For Kids... I dont know you should travel the city with kids and at night to make sleep them,,, Ola
july 30th (Bambini Dancers)?
I did not since I dont get channel 10 but i will google them and see.. could not see dancers, but saw cute models
Has anyone bought baby clothes from Royal Bambini?
I just checked out their site and I say GO FOR IT! The clothes are a great price and they have free shipping right now! Who cares what the other kids are wearing!! The...
Solo Bambini glasses?
I think they are absolutely adorable! If my daughter had to wear glasses, this is definitely the type of thing I would want to get as well....heck, I'd wear them as an adult if I needed glasses! LOL. The...
festa del papà ... idee per bambini?
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