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Ok, now what's the progressive dream?
... to make it clear that cities and states have the authority to regulate the sale and ownership of handguns and semi-automatic weapons...
Why do you think judges are more likely to issue a warrant for searches of vehicles than for buildings?
...the police have towed and impounded your car, they have the authority to search your vehicle.
Can my sister be arrested for assault and battery on our father even though it has been 11 years since the incident?
Of course not. #1 You have no authority to bring charges against your "sister." #2. Too many...
If a 27 year old dates a 16 or 17 year old teenager if the opportunity presents itself as long as there is no penetration is it OK?
It depends on your state laws. I know a case like that from an extended family member. Nothing happened, the laws protected both of them from their experiences.
Women: would you report a sexual crime to the authorities and risk being mocked by the president of your country?
Trump has female followers. They sit around hoping he will grab their pussy.
If Maxine Waters gains authority to subpoena, what will she find when she sees Trump’s tax returns?
A lot of numbers she doesn't understand.
what events changed the persecution experience of christians in the roman empire?
...they could better control the people if they had an organization with the authority of a singular god. It's a LOT easier to con people out of...
How will Jehova Witness like if I were in their Kingdom Hall only for the power?
There was a time on this website when the crazy ones actually stood out...
Could I still get in trouble if I stole a car and then returned it unharmed & with 500 dollars inside? It belongs to a family of 3.?
Yes. That is a criminal offense and therefore the decision to prosecute does not lie with the victim, it lies with the District Attorney (or similar authority).
If someone with no next of kin dies, what happens to their property and assets?
The state he lived in decides what happens to his estate. The state will appoint an administrator to attempt to find legitimate heirs. The administrator will take charge of the disposition of assets and paying of debts while the search...