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Nervous for leaving for the army. TIPS and ADVICE PLEASE!?
You get a quick and almost cursory checkup when you report back to Meps for transportation to Basic Training or Boot Camp. If you have a shy bladder, you drink a glass of water every 5 minutes until you are no longer able to hold it. That...
Why do we have So Many Taxes in America? I thought America was Founded so people Didn't Have To pay taxes? Have we Lost Our Way?
That's what happens when Democrats are elected into positions of authority .
Will Hawaii survive all these lava attacks?
...perhaps not every PERSON will survive, especially if they refuse to cooperate with the authorities. The islands themselves will of course survive. Duh!
What do I do with my mom?
I would talk to a counselor, teacher or nurse at school. It's one thing to scold -- I tell my daughter all the time to pick clothes up off the floor, so she doesn't get bugs in them (it can happen where we live!) or so her cat doesn't barf on them or whatever -- but...
Does the Chinese or Mexican Consulate have more Authority?
"Authority" over what, and where? They have no "authority" in their host country.
What's the difference in colonizing a country uninvited, and being illegal immigrants?
Authority and intent. Colonization has a nation state driven component...history Spain was colonizing Florida under color of authority and with military might. Ilegal immigrants are almost always more...
Can the family members of a domestic violence victim report a serviceman in the military? known. If they are living off the base, the proper authorities to contact would be the local sheriffs office for a civil matter or the local...
Can Americans visit Iran?
...particularly U.S.-Iranian dual nationals. Iranian authorities continue to unjustly detain and imprison U.S. citizens, ...
Do I sound like a sociopath, or just unstable?
Despite my general feeling that psychopath lives are worth less than the rest of ours, I can't help but feel sad for what you've been through. I also hate cops and rapists and believe they deserve death. Rather than...
Are Chimpanzees far more brutal and savage than human societies? Or are they about equal in savagery to socialist human societies?
... to protest in the streets because government isn't the total authority in their lives. I've never known chimps...