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My brother is travelling to Israel. He is 26. He travels on his own. How dangerous is Israel and do many Americans get killed there?
...if he is killed or injured it will be easier for the authorities to contact your parents and arrange for the return of his corpse...
Before women go out for the night, they are on edge, because of male sex deviants?
...we are beginning to see always more deportations and the authorities are beginning to ignore infractions less. Over time...
Which Saints were able to levitate and fly ?
...which will also usher in many currently 'slumbering' forms of power, authority and genius that GOD already revealed previously while He was...
What to do when I’m being haunted?
.... But you have to believe in Jesus in order to have any authority over them. Once you believe in Jesus you have His authority...
Is it legal for the bank take money out of my account, because someone deposited a false check ito my sons account ?
Per federal law, the initial clearance is required to occur in 2 days or less. The full clearance can take up to 21 days. You are going to have to read the papers you signed/agreed to when you opened the...
Is it wrong to miss Sunday worship services per the "remember Holy the Sabbath Day" commandment?
...observance of the Sabbath to Sunday by right of the divine, infallible authority given her by her founder Jesus Christ. ...
Some people on here go around telling everyone to kill themselves. Is there a way to report them to the authorities? If so, how?
Report the answer to Yahoo. What they are doing does not violate the law.
original recording on the xbox radio jfk assassination as it occured?
The original recording was "seized" by the authorities. Bits of the frame ....conveniently went missing, especially the precise...
What is the actual definition of a miracle? Is that every time God does something?
...celestial' signs because they are controlled by shifts in authority over the processes of nature, Ephesians 6:12). 'Signs...
Could Roe v Wade, emancipation proclamation, or brown v board be reversed by the Supreme Court?
...decision so they can not change it. The SCOTUS does not have the authority to change the Constitution. The 13th Amendment...