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how is the M.C. point calculated? as Is there any arguments among astrologers how it is calculated?
...the point where the ecliptic meets the meridian in the south. All ancient authorities calculated it the same way. There is no disagreement. ...
Should the advocacy of racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility, or violence be prohibited by law?
... under the first amendment. The government should have the authority to tell hate mongers to STFU, since the government's job is...
Why does wanting a military parade upset liberals so much?
... are doing to show their hate for the military and authority.
What was the point of the smaller buildings in the original World Trade Center complex?
..., public art installations, etc. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, just like any developer...
why did trump get his way through lies and deceit?
...brat desires through treachery, playing both sides (of parental authority) against each other, refusing to take responsibility for any of his ...
Is it possible for you to misbehave once you get to heaven? If you say "yes" then your place there for eternity is NOT guaranteed and ......?
Interesting question, but I don't think YOU have any authority or insight to declare what will or won't happen with each answer. ...
Did some of Galileo’s papers survive the wrath of Napoleon? power nearly 300 years after Galileo faced the wrath of the authorities of the Roman Catholic Church. As far as I...
does being a stripper involve sex?
...course it is sexual, but if the club is registered with the local authority or city governing body, there will be certain regulations - probably...
Do illegals have any rights in the United States?
...undocumented] are subject to immigration law, under which the executive branch has broad authority to determine whether it wants them in the country or not," ...
I’ve made my decision in rejecting Christ and living the rest of my life in self-indulgence. What now?
You will regret your decision and turn back to God. Its just a matter of time.