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Someone just told me that Obamacare has allowed a lot of people to get free insurance through cost shifting. Is that true?
... it was actually a "tax", and Congress has the authority to impose taxes. Once the mandate was struck down it...
If the Bible is the sole authority of the Christian faith, and is the only way to follow God. Why did God wait 400 years to have it compiled?
It is not so. Even the bible does not claim that authority to itself. The bible states that the Church is...
In relation to relativism, would the validity of an ethical theory be relative to the person utilizing the theory?
...another is against an objective source (outside ourselves and above us in authority) Short and sweet: In my humble opinion, any ethical theory relative...
I didn't donate one cent to charity, volunteer for one second, or donate a single dime of my money. Am I going to hell?
... 2:15 ¶ These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee. Jesus speaking: Mat...
How does God speak to us today?
... the absolute Word of God and is the final and only authority on all matters. . Every belief except one will lead to hell for every...
is it true that Orthodox Christians are first Christians?
...39;s Church originally had four sees, or seats of authority, each presided over by a bishop: Alexandria, Antioch...
does this prove that bible say earth is flat?
... own eyes (he rejects Experts and the Rule of Authorities (think Trump, both in policy making style and in opposition to him...
My step brother is 10 years old. And he is really disrespectful with everybody. He treats my mom with words like , "this fucking woman".?
...age. Ten year old children are still too young to challenge adult authority. But they are very much influenced by their ...
Accidentally failed to stop for a construction worker?
Construction workers do not have the authority to write tickets. Unless a cop was there or surveilance ...
Are ethnics of Christianity considered deontological?
Yes. They're duty based, on authority. It doesn't have consequential reasons for particular things being sins.