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Who else thinks the NZ shooting was staged?
...hour. Does anyone really believe no one watching the stream called authorities so they could intercept the shooter? If for some reason not at the first...
Do the flags on US military uniforms violate the flag codes?
... Uniforms and Insignia, is the governing authority for how Army uniforms are worn. Specifically...
Why do some people still take the Bible as authority?
For the same reason people believe politics is actually real.
why do refugees always bring the violence they are fleeing with them?
... sex outside of marriage. The koran does not recognize civil authority - such as laws prohibiting rape - and especially not civil authority in "...
Earth temperatures have allegedly risen 2 degrees in 140 years. How does a 2 degree difference have such a dramatic impact? Or does it?
...exaggeration. Their cause is to attack capitalism, freedom and promote central authority, not that Dirac understands that. He doesn't know much...
english help!?
Do you by any chance also have a list of words from which you have to choose the one closest to 'likeness' as it is used here?
Why is the duration of "40 days and 40 nights" used repeatedly in the bible?
For some reason the bible writers were fixed on this duration. They must have thought it was a really awesome period of time, and carried some authority and awe with it. It's simple-minded, and laughable.
How do i get my 3 year old to listen to me? 25 year old single father!?
...both her arms fairly firmly, and tell her firmly, slowly, and with authority, that you love her because you are her dad and you have to take...
Why do atheists REVOLT against God?
They hate His authority and judgement at the end of their journey here on earth.
What are some notable feminist movies?
... and Louise drive off a cliff committing suicide rather than face authorities for their actions. They are truly victims of...