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So are you PG or Attitude?
ATTITUDE, attitude is were the WWE got itself today. ...
Western and Indian attitudes comparison?
Indian attitudes are the polar opposite to those of the west. ...cast the brahmins. Back to the indian attitudes, In what ways they are worse...
You don't like my attitude?
Attitude is it? You're the last one to be worrying about attitude...many jobs have you had you've heard that? Bad attitude. HUH! Who cares. The world has a bad attitude...
What are attitudes? How are they formed?
Attitude is a response to tastes or in many cases distastes...value of 'pleasurable' to the experience/scenario then you will have a 'good' attitude about it. If you have assigned a value of suffering' then...
does anyone know the 10 attitudes of a scientist?
TWENTY SCIENCE ATTITUDES Empiricism. Simply said, a... how a scientist is unlikely to adopt the attitude: "That is all right in theory but it...
what is the meaning of ATTITUDE?
Attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual's like or...item. Attitudes are positive, negative or neutral views of an "attitude object": i.e. a person, behaviour or event. People can also be...
Attitude Era was....?
attitude era was awesome it was also part of the years i grew up watching stone cold vs the rock wrestlemania 15 awesome match.Best era in my eyes cause...talent.i haven't been updated with tna in the last few months i hear there still dull boring storylines but id rather see Tna as something more then an attitude era make there own era there own style there way
Does it annoy you sometimes when ppl say that the Attitude Era was the best Wrestling Era...?
The attitude era was overrated imo. While post attitude era(what...then wrestler at that time). Most of the matches in the attitude era were not that good, the only good matches really ...
Attitude defines the altitude?
Attitude refers to a persons attitude towards improvement, their ambition...the "height" of their success. if you have poor ambition (IE bad attitude), you will not go very far (or achieve high positions, etc) in life. If...
How many of you people who want the attitude back actually watched the attitude era?
Yes! The Attitude Era was great because of the storylines... 90% of the match, does two moves and an attitude adjustment, that's the end. Matches used to...