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it is proven that white privilege is real so why do white people deny it's existence?
... áss and wake up. It's incredibly obvious and blatant in all aspects of society. Do you live in the bottom of a cave or something?
When you get older why do you feel the need to not have any friends?
... Their nose into all your business and invade Every aspect of your life. We have too many People with the wrong mind set...
I love the band Imagine Dragons but all of my friends make fun of me, what can I do to convince them that they’re actually really good?
...additional comments and if you're all good with them aside from this one aspect of your friendship maybe either just tell them your perspective and...
moon in hard aspect (square, opposition) to pluto means you have a lot of wounds from the past that will never heal?
It means you have a lot of wounds from the past, and you TEND to hang onto them. Whether or not you heal is up to YOU. Astrology is only an influence. It doesn't control you, although often we don't do much to learn to master...
Why is it that neither conservatives nor liberals are honest about socialism?
Conservatives make no distinction between communism and socialism. Americans are scared of communism. Therefore when politicians claim that some policy or country is socialist, they are trying to scare Americans.
What are some benefits of being asexual?
You want to be with someone more for their brain and the romantic aspects, maybe.
If you took all the assets of all Americans, divided that amount by the number of citizens, then gave each citizen their share, how long...?
Most of the money would be back within a few years; some of it might remain much longer. I've heard something like 70% of lottery winners are broke within 5 years.
Is it true that slavery is still legal in America but only if they break the law?
You hit upon an interesting aspect of the US Prisons, which by the way is exactly how slavery ...
An if question?
...quot; in that instance is another way of saying that there are bad aspects of Ahmadinejad’s position. It may be statesmanlike, but it also it...
Conservatives have been saying for years that the whole climate change narrative is a power grab for the left. Now the green new deal?
... that they all thought it was a good idea. Then aspects of the deal were explained to them and they saw it...