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Is college worth the debt?
...will increase earnings. There is also the networking aspect, the expansion of the mind aspect from meeting others different from ...
Is there a FALSE ACCUSATION which myths that say false accusations are 'rare' are normalized...??????
...completely tainted the entire discussion on rape by politicizing every aspect of it, and disastrously turning rape into a bit of a gender-divisive, women...
is the Walther P38 any good as a gun?
...size is P38. Moral of the story besides the usual freak of nature aspect? Don't let an incompetent government have a hand in your medical. ...
Liberals, explain what "toxic and fragile masculinity" mean?
...and anti-fa losers are focusing way too much on these negative aspects of a select and cherry picked few who are bad apples. I...
Why isn't anyone thanking President Trump for the lower gasoline prices?
Because I live in California so Trump can't really help me in that aspect. California is a country of its own.
I have a hypothetical question, Christians. Can you answer it?
If i am national guard but i deployed on title 10 orders for more than 180 days, like avtive duty, are my va home loan benefits 4 active or?
.... Each of the five subtitles deals with a separate aspect or component of the armed services. Pretty much as the territorial...
What is the work life like as a MEP estimator?
What is fun for me might be no fun for you and what is fun for you might be no fun for me. If you need a job and this one pays as well as you can find, then go for it.
My sun is in 29 degrees Gemini so is someone with sun in Scorpio in 3 degrees trine my sun ?
Yes it is. Good for you "Across-the-line" aspects can be difficult to spot. Your Sun and their Sun ...
How do i get my mom to stop trying to ask questions to find out about whete i stsnd financially?
... is no obligation for you to tell your Mom about any aspect of your life so well done you for standing your ...