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A precipitate is expected when an aqueous solution of rubidium iodide is added to an aqueous solution of?
Aqueous solution of RbI (rubidium iodide) contains Rb⁺ and I...soluble in water. Therefore, no precipitate is formed when an aqueous solution of RbI is added to an aqueous solution of Na₂SO₄...
Solid, Liquid, gas, aqueous solution?
Soluble (or aqueous solutions) are: 1. Compounds that have the... soluble. So (NH4)2SO4 is aqueous. BaCl2 has a Ba 2+ ion and 2 Cl...
Precipitates and aqueous solutions?
A solution is aqueous if the solvent is water. The etymology of " heterogeneous equilibria because of that and aqueous equilibria because of the importance of water as the solvent...
Chem-Difference between aqueous and soluable?
Aqueous is a term used to refer to a solution where a solute has ... to the specific example of compounds that are soluble in water. aqueous = aqua = water A compound that will not dissolve in water (ie, not soluble in water...
When is a compound aqueous?
It is classified as aqueous when it has been dissolved in water...follow logic: If the question says "An aqueous solution of NaCl....... Then clearly it is...
what does an aqueous medium mean in a chemical reaction?
an aqueous medium = water it also means that when a soluble compound is in water, it...the (s) = solid if it tells you that the reaction occurs in a non-aqueous solution, the reaction takes place in a solvent that is not water. ...
Chem Question aqueous acids?
General Properties of Aqueous Acids: Sour Taste Contain H – react w/ active...
Electrolysis of Aqueous Potassium iodide?
... used in this process. IN Aqueous Potassium Iodide(KI), it ...some tips. If the electrolyte is Aqueous and the electrodes used are unreactive...
What metals are aqueous? How do you know?
Aqueous means dissolved in water. Metals are elements, they are not aqueous. However they may react with water and form aqueous metal ions eg sodium but that is not the same as an aqueous metal.
what is aqueous solution?
An aqueous solution, denoted (aq) in chemical equations, is a liquid ( no longer can see the salt crystals you have created a aqueous solution of NaCl. Some aq solutions: Milk ...