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Do conservatives think mocking the survivors of school shootings is a solid political strategy going into the midterms?
Apparently so. I haven't seen/heard much "mocking"...
Don't you think that this punishment was unfair from the school?
A bit too much. Weeks sups only. Fack the community service too and 50 bucks fine instead
How can we break our apartment lease without paying serious cash?
.... You have introduced a cat into the rental unit which apparently is illegal, as you cleanup any evidence of the cat whenever you are ...
Apparently, Billy Graham just died. Thoughts on where he is now?
I guess he's finding out.
Why am I, as a taxpayer, forced to fund single moms?
Single moms apparently vote in large numbers for politicians willing to bribe ...
Would you rather like couples?
Their appearance doesn't matter. Do you ever put a book down when the author mentions that the hero has a beard, or the heroine is taller than he is? At the moment both pairs are what I have seen described as '...
Help! Do I have a heart condition or will I have a heart attack??
Instead of immediately going to "I'm gonna die!", you should give "resting heart rate" a quick Google. Turns out, the more in shape you are, the slower your resting heart rate. First result: "A normal...
Effective or RMS value question?
... Power = Vrms^2/R = 500 Watts Note: apparently the dc Voltage drop across the diodes was neglected...
Why does the current leadership over at Disney consider Who Framed Roger Rabbit a "blemish", when...? The current corporate...
Is it legal to take off a racist poster in my school?
You should tell a teacher or the principal and let them take it off. They need to find out who put it up.