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Is fact or fiction only determine by Mr. Trump?
Apparently. either that or he thinks some flunkie can go on the Internet and completely... Minister of Propaganda General Spicer apparently thinks yelling at the media will stop them from ...
I just found out my mom had two kids before I was born should I try to meet them?
Yes, in my opinion, family is everything. I would try to meet them, don't invest to much time or energy though. If they want to meet you, they will make it easy. But if you set a day to meet and they can't make it last minute, I wouldn't bring up meeting again until...
Next summer I would like take a trim in USA. I m european citizen. Maybe i m unpleasant to your President?
Apparently there are just as many crazies in Europe spreading baseless rumors as there are here in the US. Stay there, you are unpleasant to more than just the President.
Possible military PDQ?
As far as I know there is no waiver if they believe it was intentionally inflicted. I've heard of needing to explain a scar and having it waived that way. But that was always over an injury. I have one on my hand...
Does anyone agree that the electoral college is not a legit way to determine the president?
The electoral college was suppose to work that no one state has more of a say to others. That states that have larger populations will not control the election, like New York and California. It does not...
How can I tell where this water is coming from?
I am going to assume that you also spent time around the outside of your house looking at the flow of water and making sure that drainpipes flow away from the house and that water doesn't pool near your house? if so-then consider that you may have a very high water table-and...
Question about the unforgivable sin for both Christianity and Islam?
The unforgivable sin is straight up unforgivable and therefore unforgiven. But like all sin, if one repents (ceases from the sin) and asks for forgiveness while he/she is still alive, then that person is no longer guilty of it. This is a very unique...
Is Trump going to get rid of all the waste in the Dept. of Defense? At the same time, is he going to protect veteran's benefits?
Trump is going to increase military spending. A lot of us believe military spending is already way too high. So ANY extra money he spends on unneeded new weapons systems is -waste-. As for...
Uncle committed suicide!!!?
It could be possible that they lied because they didn't want to live with their father nor their uncle or the uncle and father were treating them bad and they wanted to leave so they made up that lie to leave.. or it can be true it...
My child has gotten in trouble for something she didn't do. What should I do?
Go in and meet the school authorities, and get the full story. Keep in mind that although you love your daughter, kids can tell very different stories about the same incident, and you were not there. Don't argue with the school administrators- if it...