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How can I stop dreaming about this?
It's easy to forget or to not let anyone or their actions effect you. you only feel like you want things to go back to normal because that's what the current mass of people feel is normal. If you can separate yourself from feelings than it makes everything...
Do you go over to neighbors' houses for dinner parties, bridge, or Yahtzee?
... helping one move a fridge out to the curb and fight with another about apparently stealing her cat but I did not steal her car he...
Should I be honest with my brother that not being invited to his wedding is kind of hurtful?
No. Your poor brother has a father acting like a child. Everyone would agree that his father giving him a choice between you and him was awful. You telling him how hurt will just be awful for him...
I'm going insane from loneliness?
You're right to reach out, and avoid being drugged. Suggest these counselors as good, although Bible-based, if that's a problem: As for career, two jobs, etc., its not too late to consider and plan for a career...
Determine whether the series is absolutely convergent, conditionally convergent, or divergent. Someone please help.?
...of the individual terms is indeed zero, you have convergence to some limit. Apparently the limit will be somewhere around -0.1.
My dog killed our new kitten.?
I don't think the dog did anything, The saliva would be from the dog licking the kitten. That's what dogs do, they lick. My guess is the kitten was in some kind of trouble, and the dog did the only thing he could do. Because dogs...
Can my parents forbid me from having sex?
No your parents can not stop you , you are at the age we’re you can make up your own mind .
Why are my parents so controlling?
Thankfully my parents aren't quite as bad as yours, it's frustrating hearing it's because they care over and over again. My advice would be to gain independence little by little, get a job etc the more you're away from them the easier it...
According to at least one devout Christian, the following is what determines if "a religion is true".Is he saying Islam is a "true religion"?
... is proof of the truth of their cult teachings. Apparently Hitler, Stalin, Koresh and Jones et al all ...
Mom won’t let me get proper period products, help? Read description?
I agree with showing her. It may be embarrassing or a little gross, but if she sees all the leaks in your underwear and your clothes and then sees how heavy it is in the pads, then maybe she will get the hint...