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Why is Hillary Clinton not sitting in the White House if she, according to liberals, "won the election"?
Apparently it wasn't her turn as liberals claimed. LMAO
My boyfriend blows stuff way out of proportion, now he mad. What should I do?
If you can't restore your trust with him, then you should consider leaving him. Because you can't have a good relationship without trust.
Dumbest person on earth?
Justin Bieber and Donald Trump
POLL----What are you doing this weekend to get in the Christmas Spirit?
Answering questions on Christmas, apparently!
Are guys still expected to pay on first dates?
Apparently. But I don't think that's fair.
How to write x+=y[n]; in Excel?
Excel is easier than C++, but it doesn't mean you can use C++ syntax in Excel and expect it to work. In cell B1 enter =SUM(A1:An) where An is the last cell you want to include in your total or if you want to check...
Scott Baio/Erin Moran?
Apparently, he spoke out before knowing the actual cause of Erin Morgan's death.
How to I get past human verification?
My mother-in-law got past human verification and I married her offspring.
How would you feel about having an atheist as the POTUS?
Oh, we probably have already had at least one. They just wouldn't admit it.
Why do most people think that you cannot be vegetarian for the rest of your life?
... were worried she'd reject her transplant. But apparently she knew enough about complementary amino acids and such that she did...