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How do I become a UK citizen to live with my pregnant partner?
Your partner needs to sponsor you for a fiance visa so you can enter the UK for the purpose of getting married. Once the two of you are married you can stay (after completing some bureaucratic requirements).
Does the One America News Network leave Fox News in the dust when it comes to Honest Conservative Reporting?
It's very easy for Americans to confuse honesty with what they want to hear apparently.
Feminists, why is it perfectly OK for any woman to wear whatever she wants any time at all unless it's the first lady visiting a disaster...?
... that she is the wife of the Republican President. Apparently, that's a good enough association to pick on her and denigrate her as...
Math question!?
... .. (6 in)*(4 in)*(4 in) = 96 in^3 The base area of the roof is apparently .. A = (7 in)*(5 in) = 35 in^2 To find the total volume, add the house...
Isn't the term "White Racial Surpremist" getting a tad over-used?
...that terminology they have not once provided us with any names. Apparently a "White Racial Surpremist" is nothing but...
English Student's Question: stolen its panaceas from the Liberals?
Apparently someone had accused the Labour Party of copying...
Opinions from Goths on goth subject?
lol "emo"?? sorry, but she is far wrong on that bit of info as possible -- the so-called "emos" don't generally take interest in gothic things as goth + emo are completely different + aren't to be considered synonymous or similar in any way! tbh emo-pop kids may...
If we just ignore the bigot claims entirely when debating liberals will they stop using it?
... advocate for: -pedophilia citing "love is love" -polygamy, apparently one alimony check isn't enough for dems -self proclaimed femals...
I need a new hair style because apparently my hair doesn't match my face what do you recommend?
Buzzcut but grow out your facial hair and keep it clean cut.
Is racism getting really bad?
The police don't seem to be taking this seriously from your link. The police who picked up Freddy Gray were all not charged. Collectively they threw him in the back of a van, gave him the...