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How could I explain the meaning and usage of "apparently?"?
apparent and apparently come from the verb "appear". Appear means to look like or to...
I saw an apparently abandoned kitten in the road dodging cars, I just kept going, did I do right?
You also asked: I saw an apparently abandoned kitten in the road dodging cars, I just ...
Øbama is apparently "staying the course." Has Øbama learned ANYTHING after one year in office?
Apparently not. I guess he really doesn't care what the people want, even though he claims he does. He is the king of double speak. We have three more years of this nightmare.
Apparently larry johnson is going to be back on the field with so many RBs out which team will get him?
Apparently the Bengals will be signing him today. Benson is hurt, so they feel like they need to add some depth to the RB position, with Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard.
Why objects are apparently lose weight?
...quot;Why do objects immersed in fluids (e.g. water) apparently lose weight?" There is an upwards force on the immersed...
When to use the word, 'apparently'?
...easily say YES, which is a more definite response. By saying apparently you are saying "it would appear so", or "evidently", or...
Since we're apparently talking about it -- What was the original purpose of polygamy in the LDS church?
...any of this beating and choking stuff that the FLDS is apparently doing to the girls who refuse to be married. So, what...
POLL: APPARENTLY i finally had a CLONE and I MISSED it... DID anyone SEE my CLONE?
Uh..apparently you were Cloned more than once. I have 2 of your ...
Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote Jekyll and Hyde, apparently he had his own alter ego. I need info on this asa?
Apparently Stevenson was extremely concerned with human psychology and ...
Ok apparently there is animosity towards the people of haiti?
Apparently, according to Pat Robertson, they made some sort of a pact with the neocons.