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Apparently I bought an aviation 2 way radio at the thrift store what can I do with it legally?
Apparently. I guess you didn't know what it was when you bought it...
So the world will apparently end this year 21st december to be precise does anyone out there believe this?
No, because apparently it ended last year...and the year before that. The mayan calender doesn...
Anyone noticed that AT&T high speed internet fails to work with Vista SP2 install, apparently driver issue?
Apparently, they're aware of this... on their page here:
Apparently 99% of bible manuscript variations are minor discrepancies. What's the last 1%?
... texts (compared with the other pedigree of texts). Apparently Origen 'corrected' numerous portions of old ...
What occasions do you use "apparently" in English?
... about something you are implinging isn't necessary so. "Apparently, you think you will win this fight. I have a different view" "Apparently...
How could I explain the meaning and usage of "apparently?"?
apparent and apparently come from the verb "appear". Appear means to look like or to...
Why can't God come down to earth and speak for himself like he apparently used to do all the time in the past?
The problem is with the word APPARENTLY. There is NO proof whatsoever that there IS a god to appear...
Apparently you can't eat a tambourine?
Apparently not, since it's made of inedible materials, but you definitely can eat a tangerine, which sounds almost the same but is a small mandarin orange.
Apparently the world will end today? surprised. There have always been people doing this. Apparently their lives suck SO bad, that all they can think of is...
Foxhole apparently doesn't like Obama?
...she spams this forum & any other ones as much as possible with the same (apparently UNTRUE) message over and over, that maybe it will have some minor impact? ...