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Back to the 80's, the musical (apparently)....?
..., after being in a relationship for two years with the apparently conservative English teacher, Miss Sheena Brannigan...
I smoked that "fake weed" stuff that is apparently legal.. How long will it stay in my system?
apparently fake weed doesn't have THC, so it shouldn't show up a all. but that...
Whats the difference between supposedly and apparently?
...'s supposed to rain according to the weatherman." 'Apparently it's going to rain' would be used if it was 'apparent...
An object has a weight of 8N in air. However, it apparently weighs only 4N when it is completely submerged in?
Apparently with no surprise, To any happy flower, (Anthropomorphisation...
what poetic devices are used in apparently with no surprise by emily dickinson?
Apparently with no surprise, To any happy flower, (Anthropomorphisation...
whats the meaning of apparently?
...down it's basically when saving yourself from being wrong... "Apparently Sally's mom said, 'no.'" Which is...
Teens: Apparently there's a Contacts limit? Why?
Apparently you are not supposed to have more than 200 contacts. I...
what is the pun in line 6 in emily dickinson's "apparently with no surprise"?
Apparently with no surprise To any happy Flower The Frost ...
so would we apparently say that the NY Giants are a better team without Tiki Barber?
Apparently so. While I'm not particularly a Giants fan, it is...
apparently, virtually, technically, practically?
Apparently - it turns out to be virtually - something illustrated in a way that your eyes can perceive technically - something you can prove practically - efficiently