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Apparently, a 50.00 Dec put increases in value much more than a 50.00 Feb put. Is this because the December?
<<<Apparently, a 50.00 Dec put increases in value much more than a 50.00 ...
How can I use yahoo message with voice? Apparently I have?
Apparently your friend needs to install the same program - off course the same version...
Apparently, virtually, technically, practically?
Apparently you do not know what each of these words mean because you are asking...
Difference between apparently, presumably, and probably?
"Apparently" is going by what other people say. "Apparently, ...
EE: Jack and Roxy are apparently getting together, does anyone know how and when? Thanks :D?
Well apparently, Jack is going to get drunk one night and ends...
Whats the difference between supposedly and apparently?
...literally coming out of his ears. [=he was very angry] Apparently —used to describe something that appears to be true based on...
Y!A (apparently) just updated...Why is the "Report Abuse" button massive now? (2nd attempt at this question)
Apparently the report-fest is due to INCREASE rather than decrease. People... idiot-proofed so the christians can find it more easily. Apparently the Y!A staff all had a collective lobotomy...
China has apparently unveiled a new stealth fighter. Any comments?
... Army Air Forces, it is evidence of an apparently successful infiltration of Lockheed Martin, source of the majority of the...
On What occasions would you use "apparently"?
Apparently is used when something is obvious or visibly clear. For example: Apparently the sale on shoes ended yesterday. I use it a lot...that and the word "obviously" they mean basically the same thing.
What does Apparent and apparently mean ?
apparent and apparently come from the verb "appear". Appear means to look like or to...