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How can I differentiate between a Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 ambulance?
Ambulances in the United States are defined by KKK... and the Canadian Military has its own Ambulance Specifications. Type I Ambulances are...
Australia Ambulance Services?
Ambulance services are state-based. Then, for remote areas... Doctor Service. Here's some help: (New Sth Wales) http://www.ambulance.qld...
Question about ambulances?
... a rule we really prefer that no one ride with in the ambulance. That's for a few reasons. For...or procedure. There is no privacy curtain in an ambulance. We can't ask you to step out for a minute. ...
EMS & Ambulance Clarification?
... and healthcare is expensive. ALL ambulances cost money. Some (i.e. Fire ...even if WE think you don't need an ambulance we have to take you if you want to go. This...
What comes to your mind when I say Ambulances?
The thought of ambulances brings me back to two events that... jumped out and took control until the ambulance arrived. She very well might have ...
Ambulance Chasers...?
Ambulance chasers chase after PERSONAL INJURY victims because...t chase after criminal defendants. I guarantee to you that not one "ambulance chaser" has tried to contact you. If you change your...
ambulance driver procedures? HELP!!?
The ambulance driver is still responsible for driving safely. The situation would...probably close the door and turn off the flashing lights, giving the ambulance the "all clear" to proceed. If the children were off...
Massive ambulance bill. Where does all of this money go?
Ambulances cost money to operate. This includes the salary, gas, insurance, $15000 to train a paramedic. The problem comes in when people call the ambulance for frivelous reasons (i.e. stubbed a toe, low fever, headache...
Trainee Ambulance Technician Assessment..?
Every ambulance service has different entry requirements, which follow a general theme...
I've been in in an ambulance several times & generally when you're ill & being...necessary. Let's hope that you never have to take a ride on an ambulance unless you decide to to make it your profession.