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What is actually wrong with communism? In my opinion, it looks good on paper.?
It doesn't work in practice because there is always a group of people that want to oppress the population and keep money to themselves...
Is Jacques a pleb?
Ask my abuela, Lost. She seems to know every key detail about him. What he eats, where he sleeps and which way she should do her boss.
Is it possible to do calculus if you’re bad at math?
anything is possible, just get sorne help with it
Why do black pressure other blacks to act alike? Why do black people act alike?
... American as well and, I think blacks were always alike, everyone likes rap including other races. I think...
Do I deserve to be grounded and spanked?
yes you do and yes it is
Roommate issues regarding bills?
Your asking for it. Buy your own stuff. Take turns on personal stuff. Simply tell him you don't want anymore problems so you think both of you should buy your own stiff.
Name the 4 most intelligent zodiac signs?
... is very Talented and Brilliantly clever also always good learners and fast thinkers very inventive too Leo ...
Why does Allah want us to worship Him?
.... He doesn't benefit from our prayer, in fact, there are always angels, in the millions, constantly worshiping Allah...
True/false: it’s normal to want to kill people?
the humans species always killed other humans, animals and plants in the entire hystory.
Would it "socially acceptable" for me to wear cornrows?
Yes, although it's not generally in style. Bo Derek made the style for white women famous with her appearance in "10" and a famous Playboy cover. Screw the whole "cultural appropriation" BS.