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white people, white privilege exists, just admit it and stop contributing to white supremacy?
...39;re right. It hella does exist! Even if it does not always take on the form of outright bigotry. But it's just... Things like...
Question to the Americans. Have you ever heard the name of Tadeusz Kościuszko or Kazimierz Pułaski xD?
Tadeusz Kosciuszko was a skilled engineer with a military education by the time he arrived in the American colonies from Poland in 1776. Offering his services to the revolutionary cause, he masterminded a key...
Why do liberals want Hispanic slaves?
... immigrants is better than slavery, because you can always say that your exploitation is "helping them find a...
I don't know what to do about my relationship. Please help?
...wise man once told me 'doing something, anything, is always better than doing nothing. Take what you know, what you have ...
How do gay men have sex. Is it always anal?
Or oral if that counts. It's very gross.
I'm starting to be much more self-conscious around people at school.?
Just be yourself, you don't have to offer any justification for being at School at 30. Those kids won't have any issues with hanging out with you, as they consider themselves to be adults, albeit young adults.
can a blazer harm us here on earth? how close would it need to be?
And what is a blazer?? I always thought they looked like this
Has anybody here studied a day before the test and passed with a A or B?
...for Biology and Chemistry tests until the last minute and always got the highest possible grade + extra credit. I believe it was...
Am I having a Chemical Pregnancy? Help Please!!?
Plan B floods your body with hormones. You were not pregnant.
What do you think about Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks stating he's grateful that fans are still hijacking pro wrestling shows by chanting his name?
He's always been the biggest mark for himself. Remember, this is the same guy that asked who was going to win his match with Taker. This doesn't really surprise me.