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Colleges that allow snakes?
That allow them where? I am fairly sure that some schools... think it's extremely unlikely that any schools would allow you to bring a snake to class or to other campus events. I...
Does your god allow?
Allow? You see that's what I hate about religions.....who ...
largest attachment allowed?
...-with-yahoo-mail/ There are many free services which allow sending files of 50 MB or even 2 GB. Set up...
Allow email?
I allow e-mail and have had no problems. However, I have... ask a question, I can not ask them directly as they do not allow e-mail. What is the sense of having a list of contacts...
Do college dorms ever allow pets?
Most colleges will allow fish (well, maybe all--I've never heard of a college NOT allowing...though only in pet-designated residence halls. You are allowed to have snakes (as long as less than 6 ft long), dogs under 40 ...
Why Same-Sex marriage is allowed but polygamy is not allowed?
Allowing samesex marriages is as simple as changing 'one man one...for married couples regardless of a persons gender. To allow polygamy, however, all these laws would need to be adjusted one by one to...
Allowing priest marriages in Christian denominations?
Allowing priest marriages in Christian denominations? * Most... priests. What do you think about priests being allowed to marry? * The Bible does not prohibit priests to marry...
Which Beach allows dogs on Long Island, NY?
... Beach Dogs on a leash are allowed on the beach only during the off-season, from Oct...leash no longer than 6 feet are allowed in the park year round. Montauk, Long...
should companies be allowed....?
Hi, Yes in my opinion they should definitely be allowed. Just think about it from the business owners perspective, he / she ...
Am I allowed to drive?
Allowed by whom? The state? Yes. Will the insurance company cover...unless you're listed on the policy. But IF the person not allowing you is your parent, you have a moral obligation to obey them.