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what does allegedly mean?
allegedly basicly means "according to another source aka word on the street or... more like hearsay. an example is OJ Simpson "ALLEGEDLY" conspired to kill his wife nicole. or Michael ...
Allegedly charged with retail theft from walmart? But no merchandise was found.?
"Allegedly charged with retail theft from walmart?" Ummm no. You...
Alleged or allegedly?
...adjective, and must modify a noun. ("he is an alleged killer") "allegedly" is an adverb, and modifies a verb or an adjective ("he allegedly...
what is the meaning of "Allegedly"?
'Allegedly' means professed to be true by somebody, but with some doubts...example : "According to the paranoid old lady, Dave had allegedly been planning to rob her house. Dave, however, says...
The soldier who allegedly killed 13 people at Fort Hood is now paralyzed from the waist down. How do you feel?
Allegedly? There were witnesses,I think his paralysis shouldn't influence the courts towards leniency. I'm not a believer in god though,just consider my answer a bonus.
Out of 85% of wealth allegedly controlled by 1%, how much is under Obama&Pelosi control?
Allegedly? Are you not able to read? They control very little actual wealth, but they do have some input into how money is spent because the USA voted them into office.
what do you mean when you say "allegedly conspired to do something " ?
"Allegedly" is used when the conspiracy is not yet legally proven...but the outcome isn't yet known, it would describe them as "allegedly conspiring".
Why are Leos sun/moon allegedly great leaders?
That is the word ... "allegedly". Leo is a sign that wants to be the center of attention...
use allegedly in a sentence.?
She was arrested for allegedly stealing a pair of gloves from the store. al·leged [ə...
Allegedly Space Power Generators Produce 5 Time The Energy Consumed, Then TheyShould Be Common Place By Now ?
"Allegedly" is the key word in that question. Any machine or generator that ...