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Difference between aliphatic and aromatic compounds?
Aliphatic compounds are non-aromatic organic compounds, in which carbon.... The simplest aliphatic compound is methane (CH4). Aliphatics include not only the fatty acids and other derivatives of paraffin ...
Are Aliphatic compounds the same as Carbon Compounds?
Aliphatic compounds are any organic compounds that are not aromatic...anything that does not fall into the aromatic category are considered aliphatic. Aromatic compounds share many features and are...
aliphatic urethanes?
Aliphatic urethanes are made from aliphatic diisocyanates and polyols. An example of an aliphatic isocyanate is hexamethylene diisocyanate. Another is isophorone diisocyanate.
the differences between aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon
In aliphatic compounds, carbon atoms can be joined together in straight ...
How does an aromatic hydrocarbon differ from an aliphatic hydrocarbon?
*...Aliphatic hydrocarbon compounds are straight or branch chain saturated...
in terms of the bonding in aliphatic organic molecules, what is understood by the term 'hybridisation'?
Aliphatic compounds contain chains of carbon atoms, which are...
Aliphatic nucleophilic subsitution?
_____The difference in aliphatic and aromatic substitution is the involvement of the leaving group in the rate...
Whats the definition of 'aliphatic'?
An aliphatic compound is a type of carbon/hydrogen compound that doesn't contain aromatic ...
What is the difference between Aliphatic and Aromatic Organic Compounds?
Aliphatic -- Organic compound that do not contain aromatic rings. Aromatic...
is cyclohexane primary aliphatic?
Cyclohexane is an aliphatic (no double bonds) hydrocarbon which consists of a ring (cyclo) of 6 (hex...