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Im Confused With Algebra?
Algebra 1: 9/10 Grade level mathematics. Students who are partially ... the square, guess and check and quadratic formula methods. Algebra 1 also includes simplifying radicals, identifying...
..., go to this link... The following excerpts ...and determining their roots. Algebra is much broader than elementary algebra and...
WHAT is old algebra??
Old algebra is pretty much what you do at school: simplifying algebraic ..., groups, galois theory, vector spaces and linear algebra, operator theory, and so on. You really have to do the old maths before...
How did Algebra come about?
Algebra is a branch of mathematics concerning the study... of pure mathematics. Elementary algebra is often part of the curriculum in secondary education and...traditionally been known as the "father of algebra" but in more recent times there is much...
what comes after algebra?
Algebra I is the easiest of all, then comes geometry then algebra II the pre trig/pre calc. Algebra I > Geometry > Algebra II > Pre-Trig/ Pre-Calc > Trig...
I don't get algebra!!!!!?
Algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals mostly with providing solutions to linear and...try to find some one who loves math to break it down to easy understanding. The key in Algebra (and math in general) is to learn how to observe a problem, not necessarily to be smart as most people say. ...
Intermediate algebra?
Algebra l comes first. Intermediate Algebra is...Algebra II. It is a course that should be taken after Algebra I is completed. Some schools call it Algebra...
How to understand Algebra?
If you want to learn Algebra then here are some resources that you can... or websites are free Algebra tutoring
History of Algebra.. Any body?
While the word "algebra" comes from Arabic word (al-jabr, الجبر literally...and Muslim mathematicians developed algebraic methods to a much higher degree of sophistication...
Why is algebra so difficult?
Obviously, algebra isn't impossible to learn, otherwise there wouldn't be millions of people...future. And of course, there are plenty of students who do well in algebra but might not do well in some other subject, say History or English...