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Am I pregnant?
No, you're just fat
Should the United Kingdom take the deal they negotiated today with the EU?
...people voted for,' but at this point it is clear we will be negatively affected; so whats the point??
Do you think this horrific loss for Trump has affected his ability to pleasure Melania in the bedroom?
From the look on her face I don't think he has actually ever "pleasured her"
Does she still appreciate me as a friend and respect me?
Attraction is not there for her, let her be good friend as you are gentleman !
Do real friends exist?
Reach out to those who cared and let go of those who didn't. Focus on yourself and your mom. Real friends do exist and I hope that some day soon you will find them, or at least let them find you.
What does feminism mean to you and why do so many hate it?
So many “hate it” because they’ve been fed this garbage that it’s about hating men. Right wing media outlets prey on the fears people have and give them something else to be scared of and hate. And instead of asking a...
Why is the sky blue?
...separate (such as individually becoming visible in a rainbow), the blue is affected by particles in the atmosphere and get scattered across it, ...
How do GMO’s affect pollinators? How does the biodiversity of pollinators affect plant biodiversity?
Well, one type of GMO-crop is resistant to a pesticide called round-up. Where round-up is used, everything except the GMO-crop dies - so instead of having thousands of cultivars of one specific crop, only one cultivar...
How has growing GMO's affected crop diversity and the amount of pesticides used?
Crop diversity is lowered because many farmers only bought modified seeds. Since these modified crops are often resistant to pesticides, pesticide use may be increased also. So people who...
Should AGW be taught in schools and deniers expelled?
...a list of ALL the possible causes; 2) State how much of an affect each different cause can have; 3) Confirm that those answers can describe...