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Why do schools brag about how many minorities they have?
because that's what affects their USNWR ranking. one day all schools will be black...
Why do people worry about other people eating habits?
It shouldn't matter,but people can't keep there beaks out of other people's business.
Climate Change? Has the climate changed anywhere? And if so is it adversely affecting humans? I don’t think so, what do you think?
Compared to the past, the current climate is virtually flat. Chart downloaded from right here. .
If Kyler Murray Gets Selected As The Number One Overall Pick In The 2019 NFL Draft The Entire Social Media Will Be Shocked?
...because unless you bet someone that he will the #1 pick in the draft, it won't affect you if he is or not.
How will this affect my chances of college admission?
With a few exceptions, it will have a minimal impact. They would matter if you were seeking a scholarship (like athletics) for those activities. They would also matter if you had some awesome achievement and were applying to a school where most...
My 26 yr daughter and my wife had a falling out and my daughter left the house but I don't know where she or if she's safe?
I'm sorry for the tone of this answer but it has to be said: At what point do you tell your beotch of a wife to SHUT THE FOCK UP? You spineless excuse of a father who allows a woman to destroy his children. Oh...
Advice on forgiveness- emotionally abusive and absent mother?
This is only my opinion on what I would do in your situation. I have verbally abusive parents but it's not totally severe. My family life is okay but not the best, but there have been moments when I've had mental...
How would women fair against male competitors in the same weight class if the UFC allowed it?
... of experience at that level. Huge disparities in skill can affect results though. A BJJ blue belt is probably not ...
Do you think the global warming activists' protest in London during the last couple of days/weeks is a good way to bring about change? Why?
I have mixed feelings about this as it negatively affects the lives of ordinary people and small businesses who can ill afford the...
I had my name changed and sealed for safety reasons. A website leaked that information. Is this illegal?
... lawyers should be able to help, and this may not just be you being affected - which would mean it's not only your battle to fight. You could...