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Is it more advantageous for a swimmer in a competition to be at the middle lane?
It is slightly advantageous because you can see all of your competitors and there are...
what is a sentence using the word "advantageous?
You decided it would be advantageous to you to post in Yahoo Answers to get a sense of how the word advantageous...
Are bows and arrows more advantageous than early rifles when it's raining?
"Are bows and arrows more advantageous than early rifles when it's raining?" No because ...
Evolution question: Do advantageous mutations randomly occurring take too long?
...hat. ---- "ALSO, what other ways do animals evolve besides advantageous mutations?" Animals (and other organisms) do not evolve...
Is Whey Protetin Advantageous for Gaining Weight Also?
advantageous lol anyway, excess protein gets stored as fat. so yes. but know that excess protein also leads to calcium loss...which begins the paradox of why bodybuilders overload on protein.
Do advantageous mutations occur frequent enough to mathematically support evolution?
Successful (Advantageous) mutations occur at the rate of 0.1% of the time... DNA replication...
Is it necessary, or even advantageous, to risk human life in space exploration?
...! For the sake of scientific advancement, a big enthusiastic YES! Advantageous is an understatement. Everything comes at a risk. Is...
Is H1B visa advantageous over the J1 visa?
Hard to answer whether the H1b is advantageous without knowing something about what you're trying to do. It...
If it's advantageous to wear clothes,....?
What we consider advantageous is irrelevant, what counts is what most allows us...
Give 2 examples each where friction is: A. advantageous B.Disadvantageous?
Advantageous: Driving Walking Holding anything etc. Disadvantageous: Ice Skating Waste of energy (energy is lost as heat) Wearing down of parts inside machines