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Would you prefer to marry a person with the same religion?
Yes. that way it will be easier to adjust and lead a happy life
Question about the Quran. The Heifer - 2:106.?
... were given in stages so that people could adjust to the better way of life. Basically allowing the people to...
Is there a difference between the meaning of the words adapt and evolve?
...canoe and one person rocks it, the other person rocks the other way to adjust for the first action, and back and forth, each time overadjusting slightly, until the...
I can't sleep on mattresses?
your back has grown to hard surfaces because of laying on hard floors making a soft matress cause back pain. there are two options you could do. 1. you could go to a mattress store and get a really hard mattress 2. you could just learn to get...
Calculate the molarity of the Tris, Borate and EDTA in the 1X solution?
(5.4 g / 121.4) / 0.5 = 0.089M <<< Tris 50.0ml 10X Boric acid (55.0 mg/ml) <<<< I do not know what the 10X means...
Headphones decreasing volume themselves and doing other stupid sh*t?
Of course it doesn't happen with other headphones --- because they aren't overloaded with features that can fail. Use something that is simple and conventional.
Why is my steering wheel so tight?
The steering assistance is suspect. Low fluid in the power steering reservoir or a fault in the system can result in loss of assistance. So you need to take it in to a mechanic to investigate and fix. As already said on here you should NEVER turn the steering...
Any Seamen, Sailors, Yachters or anybody who can help me understand this?
... attached to the stern (rear) of the hull that allow the driver to adjust the way the boat sits on the water at speed. When the trim tabs...
Why do people keep saying that the Nazis weren't socialist, nearly everything that the socialists want is what the Nazis did?
...fascism-based-on-marx/ Mussolini said fascism is socialism adjusted for the real world. "Mussolini became active in the Italian...
2005 ford taurus why the pump want run? is there a way i can make the pump run with a jumper wire?
...the fuel pump driver module which is controlled by the PCM to adjust power supply voltage to the fuel pump based on fuel pressure sensor values...