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A beings intelligence can be accurately measured by how well they see. I see perfectly for color (art), perception (Math)., 3 for acuity.?
...? there's always someone smarter or at least better adjusted to living in the world. and if you had everything you ever wanted...
Not excited about college?
... aware of what is going on inside of you and therefore trouble adjusting to change. But don't worry about this possibility NOW. IF you...
Was I exposed to a laser danger?
I'll go out on a limb and say you were not exposed to any danger. If you could have access to the laser, it wasn't strong enough to cause skin damage. Safety hazards, like having a laser strong enough to cause skin tissue damage would the least....surrounded...
Why is my cat loosing weight?
... checked? You may need to have him checked and adjust the insulin dose.
How come some of us are losers in life while others are winners?
... unfair when things don't go their way, while winners adjust and learn the needed skills to come ahead. It's the ...
My husband keeps putting press on me to work.?
... the oathe. If he can't make ends meet, then he must adjust the lifestyle. He must seek the Lord and pray for a solution to the money...
Will I be good enough to play Hockey in 2 years?
You should look into lessons. Our rink offers a fundamentals class for hockey where they work on skating skills and the basics of playing the game. Look around your area to see if something similar is offered...
There are certain rules about which side you have knives and forks on?
Use the standard setting but adjust the seating arrangements so that lefties are not sitting immediately to the right of righties.
How to Earn Money from sports betting software?
Set the odds in your favor. The software should adjust the odds so that it always takes in more than it pays out.
What is proper etiquette for having house guests with a roommate?
Unfortunately this is why people make up roommate agreements that define how the shared space is to be used, expectations for guests, etc, *before* you move in but now it's a bit too late. The lease itself isn't likely to cover...