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Who is Tohka Yatogami? is she a vocaloid?
A character from the light novel turned anime Date A Live.
Yato Noragami !?
It's Yatogami. You're right, the word for God in Japanese is... Japanese: やと (yato) + かみ (kami) becomes やとがみ (yatogami). Here, due to rendaku, the sound for "ka" (か) becomes ...
who is this anime character?
Who is your TOP 5 handsome anime and Top 5 prettiest anime? I just want to know. Thanks!?
My favourite are; For Guys: - Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy Advent Children) - not really an anime, but the movie is animated nontheless! He's so beautiful :D...
Top ten best looking men in the anime K?
...quot; Isana Kuroh "Black Dog, Kuro" Yatogami Mikoto "Red King" Suoh (in his...
What color should I dye my hair?
Heellloo! I think your glasses are super cute! I actually think you have a face that would suite many styles of reading glasses:
Anyone know of an anime that is like K (project)?
A Certain Magical Index A Certain Scientific Railgun
Any anime like the Aquarion franchise? I seen both seasons, I'm looking for something with love and reincarnation.? The teenager she "saved" is a god named Yatogami, more commonly known as Yato who claims to be a delivery god...
Anime Question: Favorite Harem?
... is also rather nice: ( When I think of an anime with a high calibre selection of...
Poll: whos ur favorite anime couples/pairings?
...) from Vampire Knight. Itsuka Shidou and Yatogami Tohka from Date A Live. Yamato ...