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Is Christ Jesus returning 2019?
Maybe but nobody knows
Is my pigeon homosexual?
A homosexual pigeon may not be an acceptable sacrifice to bring to Yahweh. Leviticus 12:6 “‘And when the days of her ...
What is Gods True name? “Jehovah”? Yahweh? Or something else?
Jehovah is the Latin transliteration of Yahweh. Other names used include El, El-Elyon...
Is Gods Real name “Yahweh”??
... Yoel: "Both names (Jehovah and Yahweh) are corrupted translations of God's holy name...
Are the sects of Catholicism, Baptist, Anglican, Methodist, Mormon, Orthodox and Presbyterian Christian or Trinitarian?
Trinitarians, outright refuse to believe Jesus over their teachers-- Many seem to think that because a man wearing a white collar, assures them--you are saved or born again that its truth. He does not know...
why do alleged Christians hate the name Jehovah?
Probably because not one of them are actually Christians her bunch of fakes that don't have the spiritual balls to stand up for the name of God
Have you ever thought that God approves of the name Jehovah?
God's word says: Exodus 3:15: " God said . . . to Moses: "This is what you are to say to the sons of Israel, "Jehovah the God of your forefathers. . . has...
What is the exact definition of Taking the Lord's name in vain?
... by God that His Name is YHWH (Yahweh = I Am What I Am). He is the eternal...
Atheists, do you define yourself as being of Nordic extract?
... ago and definitely not created intelligently in the moral image of Yahweh-God as Christians understand Him, but they insist that they ...
Do Jehovah'w witnesses know that the title Jehovah was made up by a Catholic priest?
... of the year 1270. Hebrew scholars generally favor ‘Yahweh’ as the most likely pronunciation” (Aid to Bible Understanding...