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Dangit stop worryin'!?
If your mind is telling you it's not resolved then maybe it's not.Maybe you ought to stop worrying.
how do i stop worryin ?
It all depends on what you're worried about. If you can't fix the problem then try to distract yourself by reading a book, taking a walk, going out with friends, join a club or do some volunteer work (you get the idea).
am i worryin to much or what?
be straight up and ask him if that's all he wants
how do you stop worryin so much?
First of all, do you have a reason to worry? If he's cheating,lying or stealing, MOVE on. Assuming the answer to the question is no, you might try to seak some clarity. You wrote "I am kinda in this relationship."...
This is worryin me alot. My gf's period?
It's probably not a big deal, I'd maybe just call the doctor to check with them but if it last another week she should def. go to the doctor.
really worryin me.. would i look ok bald? (pics)?
I think you would actually look more than ok bald. You're pretty cute. ;)
Pregnant off pre-ejaculation or am i worryin 2 much?
You don't have fertile days at all when you're taking birth control pills. When taken correctly, they stop ovulation completely for over 99% of women. Ovulation charts and other things like that are only for women...
how can I control my mind from bad worryin thoughts.?
First, get checked out by a Dr. to see that there isn't anything physical going on with you. He/she may send you to a neurologist or psychologist. That doesn't mean you are mentally ill. They may want to check for ADD/ADHD, or depression. If...
Worryin my self to deatg updated please help?
- here's a question for u. - how many more times r u gonna be asking this question? - told u before, the answer is no u won't get aids, cuz it's not the way aids gets transmitted from 1 person 2 another.
ok worryin myself to death.i need another answer please?
When I was pregnant, I had a lot of that from the beginning to the end of my pregnancy. However, if you didn't go to a doctor after what happened to you then I really think you should. I believe you're fine and that it's normal, but you can...