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...there is no specific terminogy of "STUDENT VIOLINS". From my opnion, any PLAYABLE...qualifiied luthier is too expensive to hire for a beginner violin. The straightness of the finger board is another...
Good beginner violin?
No, $50 violins aren't fit to hang on a wall. When buying a violin, anything new under...least another $100 anyway. The cases that come with the cheaper violins are also very poor quality and won't last, especially the zippers...
CAn you play guitar on a violin?
Violin and guitar are very different instruments. Each is specifically... a certain way. I've seen old-time fiddlers play the violin from their hip, so you can certainly flip it to a different position. Violin...
No one type or brand of violin, strings, bow and rosin will work for every violinist. What try out a number of options. The best type of violin is the violin that plays and sounds best to the person...
Paint + Violin?
Oh, my, please do not paint your violin! Luthiers don't even like violinists... am assuming you are a student violinist. I don't know if you plan to go further in ...
The best violins are still handmade, but they cost thousands of dollars and...
Good beginner violins?
Hi, I have some professional violinists in my family, and one of them ... Master Full Size Violin Outfit would be a very good sounding...
What Violin would be Good for me?
What kind/price violin should you get. Generally.... Beginner Violins New instruments...lot of difference in a $450 and a $650 violin so go a little higher i
The guitar or the violin?
the violin is definitely easier to learn. i play the viola and the violin and have since fourth grade, when i ...highly recommend playing the viola instead of the violin (unless you really want to play violin) because there ...
Violin pricing????????????
You can find violins for less than $100, and you cal also find violins that sell for $100,000, several...