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Victorian Literature?
... place in its own era, using Victorian elements, of course. Have you .... They're heavily soaked in Victorian elements that could really help you. The...
What colors should I paint my victorian home?
Many folks think of Victorian homes as being brightly colored...yet compliment the brick and roof as well as the Victorian temperment...all colors Ben ...
Characteristics of the Victorian Period?
... circa 2007 do Americans refer to 'Victorian' times, the term is a British.../greenwood.jsp?doi=10.1336/0275979814 ""Victorian England was, in Tennyson'...
i need an essay of the victorian age in (Jane eyre) ?
Hello, Victorian Era novels were read for entertainment and for social sympathy (...find the social economics, moral conditions, and literary elements of the Victorian Era. All these play a part in Charlotte Bronte...
Victorian style mangas?
Emma In Victorian-era England, a young girl is Gosick (not sure if this is victorian though) Set in a fictional European country...
What is a Victorian Reader?
A Victorian was a person who lived during the reign of...addition to all the other decorative elements, the Victorians also painted their Queen ...
Victorian Age Villians?
Crime and punishment in Victorian times Victorian...
Can You buy Crown Victorians?
It's Crown Victoria, not Victorian. And no, unfortunately they aren't for sale anymore to the general public. 2011...
victorian goth look.comment and suggest improvements please?
Victorian goth isn't for everyone but it does suit you =) Improvements...gothiclacestore/storepix/gloves/wrist/infopages/LaceInfo.htm A victorian chocker like:
Where can I find a STORE that sells Victorian dresses in the Midwest (near IN)?
Victorian clothing is totally different from actual lolita items (regardless of what some people say - it...alternative/period fashion. Your best bet is to find a local theatre warehouse if you want Victorian styled pieces - check their policies if you can only rent or are...