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HBK vs Undertaker?
Ok Hbk Vs undertaker big stuff right here Well i starts with hbk's slap to face to the...with a low blow then hbk gets the steel steps and then boom hits undertakert strait in the head undeertaker is down Hbk goes top rope then right...
What is The undertaker?
The Undertaker is WWE's version of the Grim...think of it. So yeah, you can call The Undertaker "undead", you can call him imortal, but the...
What happened to Undertaker?
The Undertaker tore a Rotator Cuff during the... from the ring on a Guerney. The Undertaker is rehabbing injuries from a Wrestling...
Which "HBK vs The Undertaker" match was better?
Definitely Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at ... the most. The match between the Undertaker and “The Heartbreak Kid...
Undertaker ............? ^^?
Undertaker is expecting to have surgery soon, so my guess he'll likely... tour" something tells me its a farce. When Undertaker retires, he'll announce when he is ready.
Edge or Undertaker?
The Undertaker for sure. He's been gone longer, and the way ... sure Edge has a good record but not compared to Undertaker. Also, he's more popular than even Edge. The guy is...
Is Undertaker really banished from the WWE??
No. Undertaker really needed some time off. He should is soon, because its not. And Undertaker couldnt just quit like that. My dad, works...
The Undertaker vs Randy Orton?
The Undertaker was a BIG part in making ... Orton is a good wrestler. Undertaker is the best big man to enter the ring...
Where is The Undertaker?
Undertaker was last seen at Wrestlemania 27, when he defeated....Well, that was the case, a few months ago.But, Undertaker will be returning on January 2nd, 2012.That's right...
What happend to wwe superstar The Undertaker!?
The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are both... all planned out so both The Undertaker and Michelle McCool can be off television...