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Can twiddling your thumbs, looking sad, and playing with your string on your trunks for example, be a sign of?
Twiddling thumbs and playing with the string on your trunks ...
Difference between twiddle vs fiddle?
twiddle fiddle with, often in an idle way
What are some good reasons to twiddle your thumbs?
1.) Your thumbs are due for twiddling 2.) You are about to be executed 3.) You're all...
What do you think of when you read the word :-?
Your Northern way of saying you need a wee...goin for a
Where did "twiddling your thumbs" come from?
...have been sitting or standing by idly. Doing nothing. to twiddle one's thumbs is to wait for something to happen. To waste time...
Twiddle dum or twiddle dee?
Since I'm just here twiddling my thumbs, can you think of anything else I can do with my thumbs?
psstt. my husband is right here. maybe later?? :))
Read all details...My husband was twiddling his fingers during the time of our wedding-was he bored?, i was holding my husbands hands and guess twiddling HIS fingers :P but i was just nervous, i was...
do you feel you know what you want to do in life, or are you just looking around twiddling your thumbs?
I'm twiddling while looking. Who knows what I really want to do with my life? Me? HA! Hardly. The only thing I know is WHO I want to be with in life.
Mr. Peebles and Mr. Twiddle?
...background there is on Peebles Pet Shop and Mr. Twiddle as well. Enjoy! 9 APR 07, 1656 hrs, GMT.