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With yet another failure of Trumpcare the Republicans are blaming Democrats for obstruction, but how can Dems obstruct with only 48 seats?
Trumpcare sucks and is in no way the fault of democrats. see Republicans have spent eight ...immediately under the weight of political implementation. see Did you know that in America—this alleged bastion of the free-market—the government...
Do you support trumpcare?
... pals to cheat Bernie out of his rightful victory.) TrumpCare is likely to be at least slightly better than ObamaCare for several...
Will Trumpcare be the worst healthcare ever?
trumpcare isn't health care. The ACA, or ObamaCare, isn't Pre-existing conditions were covered. trumpcare will reverse all the good Obama did, (It was actually ...
Why did Trumpcare fail so bigly?
...awful bill, that got overwhelmed by the weight of the facts. Trumpcare would have resulted in higher premiums, a lot more people uninsured...
Do you think Trumpcare will bring about the promised free market competition in health insurance?
Trumpcare will be nothing like Obamacare. Honestly Obamacare was a blessing brought to the American people by a President.
A retired school teacher in Tennessee says Trumpcare has lowered her son's premium since he lost his job! Why as a Trump supporter can you ?
Trumpcare has not passed yet. Her son is still on Obamacare (ACA) Logic and Trump supporters are mutually exclusive.
Will Marcus Bachmann's therapies be covered by Trumpcare?
Trumpcare will be administered curbside for any old or sick person who wants to die there.
Trumpcare for Whites but Obamacare for blacks? Is that fair or Liberal propaganda?
Trumpcare isn't gonna happen and neither is that wall. It's all conservative dogma from the orange man in the white house.
Isn't Trumpcare going to be such a blessing?
... is why Obamacare is failing miserably. Trumpcare takes care of the issue, SORT OF. It simply lowers...
Why is the AHCA/Trumpcare, the Republican Obamacare replacement plan so hated/unpopular? the streets; there's no guaranteed access to insurance at all. Trumpcare, like other Republican replacement plans, has plenty of ...