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What is your proof that Trump cares about America?
Trump mainly cares about Trump. Secondarily, he plays to the racist nationalist...
Do Republicans really believe Trump cares about them?
I think for conservatives and republicans Trump is their god send, even better than Reagan was...
Does Trump care about the middle class and lower class?
No one in politics actually "care" about anyone other than getting votes... is why I say, neither party actually "cares" for anyone else other than obtaining votes...
Does Mr. Trump really CARE about minorities or just the really really good looking minority women?
Trump only cares about Trump. period. When asked about Pence as ...
Trump cares about American Jobs! That's why he sent them overseas, right?
Trump has seven factories all in third world countries... the slave labor of children. Greedy capitalist's like Trump have made China more wealthy and, as a result, communist China...
Does Donald Trump care about African Americans, Americans who speak Spanish and poor white Americans?
...can derive from that, that in the end, he doesn't really care about them either. I wish regular working...understand how these people can even entertain the thought of Trump relating to them in any form or fashion...
Does the working class genuinely think Trump cares about them?
No Why would we. Trump says he wants to cut regulations. Regulations...
As Trump noted, you can't compare audio recordings to ISIS be-headings, and cage drownings.?
True. We need a president that will take care of ISIS once and for all.
What is the evidence that Trump cares about America, and not just about himself?, he has a massive sign built with a logo Trump, instead of Trump & associates. He never cared about anyone or America, only his over blown ego inflated...
Why don't Trump supporters care about actual impact details behind Trump's rhetoric (Trade tariffs, Muslim ban, Flip/Flop on key positions)?
Trumps supporters are like Putin supporters. They are more interested with the idea and the image of Trump as a strong leader than they care about the details of policy.