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Lent on Sunday???/?
Sundays are not really considered part of the 40 days of Lent... Wednesday, lasts 40 days not counting Sundays and ends on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter...
What happens in church on palm sunday?
Palm Sunday celebrates the day Jesus rode into... in the United States on Palm Sunday. They are often sponsored by and ...
Question about "Sunday Law"?
The Sunday Law goes all the way back to Biblical times. or church on Sunday considering most people do attend church on Sunday. Also the Sunday Law makes it a law to honor the...
historical origin of church on sundays.?
The origin of Sunday; lots of references in this link below. http://family... would you worship the pagan sun god
Are sabbath and sunday service the same?
Sunday Service is not coming from...history of christianity. No one can deny that Sunday Service is not coming from..., know well the historical fact that Sunday worship did not originate from the Bible...
Happy Palm Sunday!?
Happy Palm Sunday to you too! We had a lovely service ...fact were! What a happy day Palm Sunday is at the beginning of a sombre...
Why did the people protest on bloody sunday?
* Bloody Sunday (1887), a demonstration in London against hatred in Ireland * ...) union members and local authorities * Bloody Sunday (1920), violence in Dublin during the Irish War of ...
Why do Seventh-day Adventists complain about Sunday worship?
... Day Adventists view Sunday worship as "the mark of the beast" (as... in upping the profile of Sundays amongst Catholics world-wide, that would...
Why do people worship God on Sunday?
Why do most people go to church on Sunday there are about 11 reasons but say “The new day of worship is Sunday” There is NO verse in the...
Gloomy Sunday?
... Seres, whose dirge-like song hit, "Gloomy Sunday" was blamed for touching off a wave of suicides...