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Define success.................................?
•Success means knowing I do the right things for the right ... means I share with those who need my help. •Success means I give my time to my family. •Success...
what defines success?
Success is subjective. It is difficult to measure success by someone else'... really like Emerson's take on what it means to be successful. Although some believe that he is not the one responsible for this short...
What is success?
success is different for each person, because it is not any of those things... of satisfaction once you achieve your goal, whatever it may be, for one success could be getting rich, for another inventing something, another to become famous...
Your idea of success?
well there are several different types of success that different people might consider successful. 1. at all you are some one if that what you think successful is. 7. just being good at everything and any...
How would you define success?
Success is subjective. First, you have to define a goal or aspiration. You... in the financial district can make someone a millionaire. So, the financial success of those endeavors is just a bi-product of the goal itself...
Quotes about success?
... FAVORITE TOP 10 : “Success is not final, failure is not fatal... You'll Go! “Success is getting what you want, happiness...
Portugal's exploration successes?
Successes: - They reached India and the far East first than the other Europeans... between white portuguese, blacks and native americans. That miscegenation process was so successful, that even german and other european immigrants that went to Brazil after it's independence ...
what is success?
we cant really define the meaning of success as everyone has their own type of success So far, the probably did not intend to end up in prison! The above definition of success shines a light on failure and success. Make a plan and follow it and you...
define success?
... purpose; "let's call heads a success and tails a failure"; "the election was...of proximal development" is key in the proper use of success as a motivator.
Success today (essay 300 words)?
Success is something that most human always crave for, whether... many people who have got resounding success, and they have achieved their success in...even embarrassed if they cannot be as successful or as well-off as the rest of the world. “They...