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Please help! My spacebar won't fit into the keyboard!?
Try these videos on how to replace a spacebar. It will show you how to remove it and put it back. Good Luck!
Spacebar problems on Toshiba Laptop? my old Gateway laptop. I didn't try to pop off the spacebar, I just played this one video game a lot. Anyway, I couldn...
Spacebar is acting up
Your keyboard is probably dirty. Carefully pry the spacebar off, clean it and the area under it with rubbing alcohol. The hard part...
Dell Inspiron 1525 notebook - broken spacebar key?
You can buy just the spacebar parts you need for your Dell Insprion 1525 here:
there should be a little place where the spacebar attaches to the keyboard that if you press it, it will make a space. But...
spacebar feels weird?
There are two metal bars underneath the spacebar,you will need to take them so there are sticking out,take the two bars and put them under the ridges on the keyboard. Hope i HELPED!
Uneven spacebar on M11x R3?
... again... To solve your problem, you should be able to pull the spacebar key off the keyboard and push it back on again, clearing out any dirt or obstruction...
Keyboard with only a spacebar?
...this video is for a different problem but he does show how to remove the spacebar If this is on a laptop then here is another link!
Only The Left Side Of My Spacebar is Working?
If you have a desktop computer, you can carefully pry off the Spacebar with a flat-bladed screwdriver, clean out anything that might be underneath it (do NOT...
Reattaching Spacebar Help?
Well it looks like your spacebar is working now. Anyway, call the place where you got it...