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What are three causes of the American Revolution?
The colonists wanted representation in the British Parliament, which they were refused. The British levied taxes upon the colonists, which the colonists objected to...
Rural Americans: What are common redneck and hillbilly names for pet dogs or hunting dogs?
Gunner, old yeller, buck, buddy
Guys, for me the truth is very simple and crystal clear, God is real, the only absolute truth, the source of everything is God, your opinion?
What's the best way to prevent nightmares?
...may be healed as they give up their hatred, fear, etc. Some sources: Watch Your Dreams, by Ann Ree Colton...
Can residents on Hollywood, Los Angeles deduct from their monthly rent to cover pest control costs?
I didn't read the link - to much there, but if it says you can deduct the cost from rent if the problem isn't addressed in 30 days then that is correct. Make sure the law if for where you are living and make sure it actually says this and all...
Some Christians say that Rock music, candles, drums, and television bring demons. Where is the source?
None of these things are evil, unless they are being used for evil purposes. The ancient symbol of Israel is a candlestick holder with 7 candles (called a menorah). There are 40 verses with...
Poll: What are you going to do with those sweaty/hairy manboobs of yours?
Two bankruptcies or one for purposes of new mortgage? credit unions for everyday banking, but they're not a great source for loans of any kind if you have less than ideal credit history. Bottom...
Why is Jesus Christ the source of all evil?
Because He sets up a terrible example that we have to suffer in order to do good.
Can some Christians please please please pray for me I’m starting to feel my depression slowly coming back theres too much going on.?
... more thankful of what God has given me a source of not only faith, but something that makes me more happy. I can more...