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If you have to pay for source code is it Open Source?
Open source means that is simply software for 1. which the source code is...or rules may apply - see for a longer definition with much more detail Free software (...
.net vs. open source?
... is not .NET vs Open Source but rather .NET and Open Source... you think .NET and Open Source are non compatible. And when you say...
Help!!! What are primary sources?
Sources that are the real thing basically. Nobody has spread lies...where you got your info. Ex) NASA is a primary source on Astronomy and what not. While, WikiPedia is...
difference between open source code and source code ?
Source code is the actual coding that is used to create a program...++ programming. Any kind of PHP programming. Source code is what you type into the computer to create another program. Open...
silver carp food source?
Food source could mean something like "the primary food source for silver carp is aquatic vegetation" OR "the silver carp is not a food source for people, but rather a source of fertilizer". Y'know what I mean?
What is the source of the river?
Defining a source of a river is tricky. A "watershed" is the land area in which some higher elevation point at the head of the watershed, in reality a river's source includes all land which drains to it. (i.e. Even though the...
Source code package vs. binary package?
Source code is better. The only advantage to binary packages are that they are ..., while binary packages are DEFINITELY "easier" to install, compiling source code is not really ALL that hard AND it will give you more of an idea of exactly WHAT you ...
whats an academic source?
An academic source represents a scholarly writing that is reviewed by...text, personal (non published) interviews, etc. Academic sources will generally be found on .gov or .edu sites on the web.
Examples of Credible Sources?
A credible source could include databases, such as Ebscohost and proquest. A credible.... It is best to do further research on a source to make sure that it is reliable.
What is the difference between Historical Sources and Faith Sources?
Historical sources are things we find in the historical record... either. Those would all be historical sources. Of course, absence of evidence is not the same...