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Sinchon to Hongdae?
I think marf(the above answerer) got mixed up Sinchon(신촌) with Sincheon(신천); Sincheon(신천) is southeastern...
Some questions about Sinchon & Hongdae
Shops and stores: Most shops and stores close around 10 PM; there must be some 24/7 convenience stores though. Department stores/malls: They close at 8 PM Restaurants: They really vary...
Where to find Tailor in Sinchon, Seoul?
try Dongdaemun shopping mall and around there PS I saw some near seoul it was close to some US army base in korea near seoul I forgot xD
Where can I find a KT Korea office that is near Sinchon in Seoul? I'm looking to hook up my Ipod to NESPOT.?
Here is the answer of your question. But It is in Korean language
Any massage parlors in Korea?
... on almost every street corner. And of course there are many in the Sinchon and Hongdae area for the guys that need a quick lay. ...
Where in Seoul should I stay?
... at the bars, hotels) are much more expensive than in Sinchon or Hongdae so bear that in mind. It takes about 30-45 ...
How to plan a trip to South Korea Seoul? going to Dongdaemun market, Everland theme park, hot spring,...?
...and it is very beautiful. if you want clothing, dongdaemun, myeongdong, and Sinchon have this complex called Migliore and it has levels...
Can I teach English in Korea with a Korean degree?
Like Sinchon said above, soo many wrong answers. Take...look at E1~E7.) One other option that Sinchon hasn't included (I personally think this...
South Korea trip advisory?
... Hotel and IP Boutique Hotel. Sinchon: Clubs. Yonsei University. + I forgot to...
Any recommended hair salons in the Shinchon district of Seoul?
One stop from Sinchon is Ewha women's university -- Eunha Hair...