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im tryna do my spanish homework and they have a question that askes (este) senores how do i put it in a senten
este = this and senores = gentelmen. I am a bit confused to your question only because... senor esta fumando (this gentelman is smoking) or Estos senores estan fumando (these gentelmen are smoking) Hope it helps...
Where can I buy the book "Los Senores del Narco"?
You can buy "Los Senores del Narco" at
What does senores mean?
...39; (singular is Señor = Sir, Mr.; plural is Señores = Sirs) However, when addressing a crowd and in idiomatic...
Que Golazo Senores,anyone see that?
yup nice goal
what does "donde estan los senores quesada" mean?
Profuy is right, except for it should be: 1. Where are the Quesadas? (plural) or 2. Where are Mr. and Mrs. Quesada?
Cruz Azul 5-0 Xolos final thoughts? Senores sonar a la liguilla es gratis y no duele sonar?
Was i the only one that celebrated EVERY DAM GOAL with "we're back"? I swear this is how we should play every game, we were actually a threat in the offense! I think its cause our delanteros dont shoot, i mean i feel...
What are the Cantares Mexicanos and Romances de los senores de la Nueva Espana?
... in two major collections, 'Romances de los señores de la Nueva España' and 'Cantares mexicanos...
mucho,piden filete de pescado,pollo frito,arroz,papas fritas,y ensalada y los senores Martin biftec,guisantes,
Allot order the fish fillet, fried chicken, rice, french fries, and salad and the Martins beef steak, ......
10 points please help. Escribe el pronumbre para este adjetivo y sustantivo. Aquellos senores son bolivianos?
...they) ----------------------- In your sentences: 1. Aquellos señores son bolivianos. 1. ELLOS son bolivianos. (masc. pl.) 2...
Spanish h.w help (details)?
Camarero:Buenos dias senores que quieren? Sr.Alfonso:Buenos dias. quiero una mesa para...