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Don't you think it's irrational how some people say you can find a job by being open to relocation?
... for an interview; it was based upon our test scores and evaluations. Had I not been willing to...
I am curious if any veterans who served 3 years or more have accomplished the following or better:?
1. did two tours in 'Nam and then 14 years in the sand box .............. 2. that was too long ago, don't remember. 3. spent a year in Fort Gordon.................... 4. when I finally retired, it took almost a year the find a replacement before...
Why is Christianity so obsessed with sheep and lambs?
... too well known to be here dwelt upon. Let it suffice to notice that scores of allusions are made in the Holy Books to...
Get credit score up?
pay every bill on time.
Apart from God, who kills large numbers of people, what are some other evil figures in the Bible who Christians view as great?
Samson made a bet, lost the bet, and proceeded to murder scores of people in order to pay off his debt. Even if he lost the bet illegitimately...
If footage leaked of Bernie sanders performing oral sex on donald trump while kanye west and Tom Brady cheered for Bernie what would u think?
Troll score: 9/10. This one is pretty good. Funny in a juvenile sort of way, crude, somewhat offensive and utterly absurd.
I ejaculate in less than 30 seconds when I masturbate. How to prevent this during sex?
... it with a stopwatch and keep trying to beat your high-score.
Why Hakeem Olajuwon Never Scored 57 Points In Any Single Game Performance In Houston Rockets History?
Back in the 80s and 90s, NBA players were allowed to play defense. Scoring was much harder to do back then. Not so much these days.
Christians how close do you think we are to Jesus returning?
... nor have they prophesied the one thousand two hundred and three score days. They have not been killed for all the world to...
A beings intelligence can be accurately measured by how well they see. I see perfectly for color (art), perception (Math)., 3 for acuity.?
to some extent. heightened intelligence is often a corollary to heightened awareness and better discernment between subtle distinctions. better genetics also seem tied to higher intelligence. regardless, it's unlikely a matter of intellect in the case of color...