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Savoia ; family of the ex king of Italy . Which's the origin of this family ?
...'s not wrong, although I have to add Savoia origins are in fact partially still not sure...or in Italian, "La Casa di Savoia," or simply Casa Savoia, (or "...
Princess Mafalda and Maria Francesca of Savoia....Two Princess imprisoned?
Here is some detail from the Wiki............ RE: Princess Mafalda Early in September 1943, Princess Mafalda traveled to Bulgaria to attend the funeral of her brother-in-law...
Does the Hotel Savoia & Jolanda in Venice Italy have an elevator? Thank you.?
Yes, it does have an elevator
how did Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia help with the unification of italy?
He was a liberal king who trusted Cavour very much and let him free to do what he thought best for the unification. And morover, when he came to the throne, he didn't deny the costitution his father had been '...
Which aristocratic families are famous in Italy?
borboni (south italy) savoia (piedmont sardinia) este (ferrara) medici (tuscany) sforza or visconti (lombardy) gonzaga (mantova) borgia... but there are many other lesser houses
Why is Italys uniform Blue and not red, white, and green?
Hmmm..... During the Savoia dynasty the flag had in the center of the white...though. Blue is the colour of Savoia, which was the ruling house of ...
does south italy still exist?
The Savoia who were ruling over Piemonte Liguria Savoia...
Why does Italy..........?
The Savoia, the Italian Royal Family, were originally from ...
does Italy have king?
Italy was a monarchy (Savoia family) between 1861 (when Italy was unified) till 1946 (when ...
Where can I find a bakery in Rochester, N.Y or surrounding areas that can make customized sculpted cakes?
Try this one I found Savoia Pastry Shoppe 2267 Clifford Ave, Rochester, NY 14609 (585) 482-1130